Purchasing roses can be very confusing to the average flower consumer. There are colors with varying tones, scent, stem length, petal count and vase life to consider. Below are a few tips to help better understand the art of selecting the perfect rose with the longest vase life.

Select only long stem roses. These will not only last longer than short stem roses, but they will have a larger rose head with more petals. A good guideline is to select 60-70 centimeter long roses.

Select roses that are not too scented. The more intense the fragrance of a rose, the shorter the vase life. Do not buy roses that are displayed next to fruits/produce. Fruits emit ethylene gas, which increases the aging process of flowers.

Select roses that are firm. Avoid those that are soft. Even though they may look like young buds, they can be very old roses where the older petals have been peeled off. It’s always best to select roses with protective petals. Protective petals are the outer most petals of a rose. They are not attractive and may be malformed, variegated in color and a bit bruised. If you find a firm rose with outer petals, then you have found a fresh rose. This means that the rose was not peeled to rid of the old petals.

Always ask for Russian Cut roses. These are a bit more expensive, but certainly worth the money. They are long stem roses with very large flower heads. They may even look like they are open, but give them 1 week and you will see they get significantly larger and last longer.

Always store your roses in a cool room. Never place them in a refrigerator, they may develop frostbite.
Darker, less sunny rooms are best for prolonging the life of a rose.

Finally, clip your rose stem at an angle and replace the water every two days.

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